MINUSUS Blockchain Card One Of A Kind

Release October 1, 2019 by MINUSUS LLC


MINUSUS Blockchain Card is the World's First Personal Blockchain-Powered Document Storage and Distribution System. This system works, in principal, offline, so no servers are involved, which gives the user full ownership and full power over the blockchain and its distribution. Your blockchain is 100% yours as a private possession.


MINUSUS Blockchain Card hands in the raw power of blockchain technology to the individual user. No outside organizations or servers control the data. In addition, the blockchain can be archived on removable storage devices, such as USB flash drives, and so it retains physical presence indefinitely, no risk of computers or servers going down and no risk of data loss.


MINUSUS Blockchain Card User-Friendly


MINUSUS Blockchain Card is straightforward and easy to use app. You are shielded completely from the complex nature of blockchain operations. The only thing you need to do is: drag and drop some document(s) to a new block. That’s it! Your documents are now “block-chained”!


MINUSUS Blockchain Card What's It For?


MINUSUS Blockchain Card is the ultimate in document preservation and the first to harness the blockchain power for private use. When documents reside in blocks inside the blockchain, they become permanent and immutable. A blockchain document has the strongest proof that it is unaltered and untampered with, and frozen in the state it was added in to the blockchain. Use the blockchain to:

  1. Prevent forgery and preserve legal documents, contracts, wills and testaments.
  2. Provide the ultimate proof of originality and ownership of ideas.
  3. Make sure sensitive and important data remain unchanged.
  4. Share blockchain files with others.
  5. Have any sort of information in a blockchain, as in a standard ledger, but for private use.